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FT-IR Analysis

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How it works

Materialanalysen auf molekularer Ebene

1. Stimulate molecular vibrations

2. Measure the response signal

3. Get molecular fingerprint

Performance spectrum


  • Measuring the molecular fingerprint
  • Reference measurements for quality monitoring
  • Traceable proof of quality


  • Chemical components e.g. additives or foreign substances
  • Thermal and chemical stress
  • Oxidation, degree of cross-linking and moisture absorption


  • smallest concentrations > 1% of the searched substance detectable


  • Variances from the ideal profile are immediately detectable
  • Trouble-free production process
  • Reduced waste


on the Molecular Level

Your Benefit

1. Get the competitive advantages

thanks to strategic material and process optimization

2. Outstanding quality

with a material evaluation on a molecular level

3. Decision-making basis

for choosing the right supplier

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