Shuttle für Datenlogger und Temperaturprofiler verschiedener Hersteller

Shuttle for Temperature Profilers

The width-adjustable profiler fixture fits optimally to the commercially available thermal protection housings. It ensures safe transport through the soldering system. High-quality stainless steel design provides excellent stability and a long lifetime. Slim design enables minimal heat absorption.

Measuring boards for soldering processes

The measuring boards are designed for reproducible temperature measurement during the soldering process and are characterized by excellent long-term temperature stability, extremely low humidity absorption and a neutral color. All measuring boards have K-type sheathed thermocouples for high precision temperature measurement.

Temperatursensoren für Lötprozesse. Präzise Temperaturerfassung für exzellente Qualität.

Spare parts

Discover our wide range of measuring sensors which are optimally matched to your individual requirements as well as analysis equipment for the safe transport of your samples for FT-IR analyses. Our measuring board fixtures for the thermal protection of your measuring electronics are available in numerous standard dimensions, but also individually.