Why is shuttle from Rawinski GmbH the better choice?

Firstly, the shuttle can be easily adjusted to the PCB width within a few seconds. Secondly, the width of the profiler holder optimally fits the commercially available thermal protection housings for safe transport through the soldering machine. Thirdly, high-quality stainless steel construction guarantees maximum stability and a long lifetime. Fourthly, slim design minimizes heat absorption and allows low weight with an optimal length-to-width ratio.

Best Solution for Soldering Processes. Maximum Flexibility. Minimum Heat Absorbtion.


Engineering know-how

The shuttle is characterized by an optimal length-to-width ratio with the lowest possible weight. This guarantees maximum stability for a safe transport of your temperature profiler through the soldering oven. The slim design of the shuttle also minimizes heat absorption so that the temperature profile of your soldering system is not affected during profile measurement.

Engineering made in Germany. Bestes Längen-Breiten-Verhältniss bei Minimalgewicht und maximaler Stabilität. Für einen sicheren Transport durch die Lötanlage.

Technical specifications

Length206 mm
Height25 mm
Height above pin chain8 mm
External width (min. - max.)112 – 160 mm
Width adjustment
Length206 mm
Width adjustment 1 arm130 – 340 mm
Width adjustment 2 arms147 – 520 mm

Scope of delivery

The shuttle for the temperature profiler comes in a high-quality aluminum case with an elegant design.

The high-quality aluminum case is also available as a spare part.

How to get your shuttle

1. Standard shuttle or customized design

You decide whether it should be a standard version or an customized design – gladly with your logo.

2. Place order

Once you have decided on a shuttle type and quantity, contact us by email:or by phone: +49 9342 24099-66 and receive a free quote.

3. Manufacturing starts

You check the offer and place your order. Immediately after receiving your order, we start manufacturing. Standard design are usually available from stock. 

4. Shuttle is shipped

We inform you about the progress of production and shipment of goods. Upon request, the shipment will be made by express.