Mikroskopische Aufnahme-200-fache Vergrößerung
Mango – 200x magnification

Material analysis on the molecular level by FT-IR spectroscopy is now followed by the optical complement in the field of microscopy. Microscopic images are an ideal addition to FT-IR spectroscopy, which precisely detects the molecular fingerprint of a material. Together with infrared spectroscopic material analyses, this enables us to provide our customers with detailed material investigations – not only on a molecular level, but also in the optical area. This allows deep insights into the fascinating micro-worlds. Optical details that were hidden from the eye become visible and uncover information about surface structure, microcracks, incipient crystal growth and much more. Not only in the characterization of surfaces – microscopy also plays an essential role in process and product development. An FHD microscope camera captures high-contrast and detailed microscopic images for seamless documentation. In the field of transmitted light microscopy, images can be taken at a magnification of 1000 times.

Solder paste, 400x magnification

Microscopic Picture of Cucumber
Cucumber, 400x magnification