Molecular Fingerprint


on the molecular level

Why FT-IR analysis?

IR – spectroscopic investigations enable the determination of chemical structures in molecules and provide insights into the basic molecular configuration of an unknown probe. The analysed material can be liquid, pasty or even solid. Only extremely small sample quantities are required. Thus, an excellent identification of singular substances and combinations is possible.

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Material analysis by FT-IR spectrometry - How it works

How do material analyses by FT-IR spectrometry work ? This can be explained in three steps. Each material has a very unique molecular fingerprint. This fingerprint can be identified by analyzing the material.

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Performance spectrum


  • Measuring the molecular fingerprint
  • Reference measurements for quality monitoring
  • Traceable proof of quality


  • Chemical components e.g. additives or foreign substances
  • Thermal and chemical stress
  • Oxidation, degree of cross-linking and moisture absorption


  • smallest concentrations > 1% of the searched substance detectable


  • Variances from the ideal profile are immediately detectable
  • Trouble-free production process
  • Reduced waste

Fields of application

PCB Processing

  • Batch comparison of the PCB substrate – identification of a quality difference before starting production
  • Identification of humidity absorption
  • Detection of thermal degradation
  • Detection of chemical degradation

Soldering Process

  • Residue analysis and process optimization
  • Analysis of filter residues and cleaning effectiveness

Solder Paste Analysis

  • Batch comparison
  • Material Ageing Analysis
  • Identification of a humidity absorption
  • Analysis of additives

Plastics Processing

  • Batch comparison of the granulate – identification of a quality difference before starting production
  • Determination of the moisture absorption
  • Verification of thermal degradation

Materials Analysis

  • Identification of the material composition
  • Detection of thermal degradation
  • Detection of chemical degradation
  • Detection of UV degradation
  • Material Ageing Analysis
  • Analysis of additives
  • Detection of contaminations

Coating Analysis

  • Batch comparison
  • Ageing analysis
  • Cross-linking analysis
  • Detection of contaminations

Your Benefit

Advantages in Competition

Use the FT-IR analyses for strategical material and process optimization.


Outstanding Quality

Give your customers a guarantee of the highest quality standard with a material comparison on the molecular level.

Decision-Making Basis

Use FT-IR analyses as a basis for making decisions on the choice of the best supplier.

We are pleased to support you competently, professionally and independently with your project and are also on hand at all times as a competent partner to consult you.

Our Services

FT-IR Analysis

Sample analysis + measurement protocol + result interpretation

Article: 700510

FT-IR Reference Measurements

measurement protocol + measurement of the deviation (without result interpretation)

Article: 700520

Probe Preparation

Sample preparation for e.g. single layer analysis, solvent analysis, polymerisation analysis, etc.

Article: 700530

Benefit from our Attractive Analysis Packages

Analysis Package S

Discover the Magic of FT-IR Analyses performed by Rawinski GmbH.

The ideal package for small and medium-sized companies.

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Analysis Package M

Discover the Magic of FT-IR Analyses performed by Rawinski GmbH.

A powerful solution for medium and large companies.

Article: 700550

Analysis Package L

Discover the Magic of FT-IR Analyses performed by Rawinski GmbH.

A high performance analytics package for large companies.

Article: 700560

Analysis packages S, M and L can be booked monthly. The contract period starts with the fi rst sample delivered to our company (date of entry). Validity period is one month, e.g. first sample received on March 9, 2021 – last sample received on April 8, 2021. The results of the reference measurements are available in digital form in PDF format immediately after their measurement.