Present your soldering process for Christmas with an accurate temperature measurement

Present your soldering process with precise temperature measurement for Christmas.

Rawinski GmbH has the perfect K-type sensors, K-type sheathed thermocouples and K-type thermo cables with high-temperature miniature plug/socket with flat contacts for you. Benefit from 10% off on our K-type thermo sensors, K-type sheathed thermocouples and K-type thermo cables on all orders until December 31, 2021.

K-type thermocouples and sheathed thermocouples for high measurement accuracy in the soldering process

Where precision and reliability in temperature measurement in the soldering process are required, K-type sensors and thermocouple cables are always the right choice as an industrial standard. Especially for oxidizing environments with high temperatures, as they occur in the soldering process, the K-type sensors are optimally suited.

K-type sheathed thermocouples Inconel® (Class 1 according to IEC 60584-1)

The royal league of temperature measurement is represented by the K-type sheathed thermocouples. With a diameter of 0.5 mm, they are also a masterpiece of precision – both in manufacturing and in the accuracy of temperature measurement. The flexible sheathed thermocouples are resistant to aggressive environmental conditions and are of high quality workmanship. Their measuring tip is electrically insulated. The wide temperature range also allows high flexibility in their application.

K-type thermal sensors with glass fibre insulation (class 1 according to IEC 60584-1)

Robust and flexible, the thermal sensors can be adapted to even complicated geometries on the PCB thanks to a diameter of only 2 x 0.2mm. When the sensor tip is correctly attached, there is nothing standing in the way of precise temperature measurement. Precise temperature measurement is essential, especially for the profile detection of complex assemblies. With the glass fiber insulated thermal sensors, the temperature behavior at the measuring points of the most different components on the PCB can be measured precisely without any problems. This prevents an increased heating or cooling gradient of the smaller components and allows better control of the temperature profile.

K-type thermo cables

Thermo cables connect your data logger or profiler for profile measurement to the temperature sensors on the printed circuit board or measuring board for defined, reproducible profile measurement. It is important that the effective diameter of the thermo cables matches the diameter of the thermo sensors. This is the only way to reduce measurement defects.